Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mother Nature Has Brought Us To A Halt

Nothing much has been going on in the cow pasture as the weather has been appalling. On the good side, the drought of many years may be on the wane as we had 4.5 inches of precipitation prior to yesterdays rain and then snow which, obviously, was heavy at times. If it wasn't the rain/snow it was the seemingly, ever present, wind kicking up. Jim and Allan brought home the final pieces of siding but haven't been able to do anything but look at them gathering snow on the ground.

At least this lull has allowed us time to do some planning for the upcoming shop, extra storage in the basement, retaining walls, etc.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

High Hopes with Low Tech

It was a beautifully calm day in the cow pasture so Jim and Bob decided to tackle the daunting (and some might say terrifying) task of finishing the last bits of siding on the sunroom. The scaffold was set up, three layers high, tied off through the sunroom window. Jim perched atop while Bob cut pieces of siding... put them in a bucket and Jim pulled them up to the peak and nailed them on.

Once the left side was finished, the scaffold had to be taken down, moved over to the right side and re-assembled. All was going so well when...they ran out of material.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's A "Complete" Week

Kathleen's brother, Bob, came this week and we completed a few things
- soffit and fascia-completed
- the siding on the east side of the house - completed

We had an eavestrough company come and carry out their install - eavestrough - completed

We installed the posts and hand rail on the front veranda.
Have to find a company that does metal cladding and have them come and cover the posts and beam area.

Wind is up, so siding on the South side by the sun room, still has to be done.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Basement Stairs

Installed lino on the basement stairs and completed more siding on the outside.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

More features completed

This week, we worked on the additional electrical plugs in the stub wall. We found that we did not have enough outlets in the dining room/kitchen area due to furniture locations, so we added one to the kitchen side and one to the dining room side of the stub wall. We will order the counter top on Monday, so until it arrives in, we will wait on installing the drywall and counter end piece.
Then we will have a nice two person snack counter between the rooms, to sit on stools at; or as Kathleen says more counter top for Jim to clutter up. OH well!!

We installed the crown molding and rope lighting in the sun room. We installed similar lighting feature in the house in Ottawa and quite liked it, so we did the same here. It provides nice background lighting.