Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Siding We Will Go, A Siding We Will Go...

 Yep..It's siding time again.  To match the house, we are continuing to use Hardie Board.  Jim is very careful to follow the Canadian installation instructions (flashing behind the seams, caulking the corner seams) and uses the larger headed roofing nails to hold the siding tighter to the wall. This method has been very effective with the house, as we have nothing but praise for this product.

 This is the view from inside the shop looking toward the south-facing back.  The door takes you out on to the deck which is also the roof of the trailer storage area. The roof is an 8-12 pitch which has allowed for a 4-12 pitch ceiling and combined with the 9 foot walls, makes it very roomy.

And this is the interior of the shop facing the front (north-facing). The double doors allow material to come into this upper level which is intended to be for wood-working. The basement area is for machinery/vehicle storage. As Jim doesn't want any sawdust to migrate down, the access to the downstairs is from the outside. In floor heating will negate the necessity for furnace ducting.