Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Inside Story

 Okay... so a little bit of stuff has happened in the shop since the floor was poured in the basement part 2 months ago. The basement remains the basement for the time being. The insulation has been purchased and is stored there but that's all. BUT...the main floor is coming along nicely.

The wiring rough-in is complete and the inspection passed. Insulation and poly is complete, as well as, the acoustic caulk.  Aside: did you know that waterless hand cleaner takes black acoustic caulk off of pretty, white stools that Kathleen is very attached to? Trust me when I tell you it's a life saver.

I have started installing OSB on the east and west walls that will be covered by drywall. This allows me to mount anything I want on the ample space provided by these two walls Because of the large windows on the south side, the solar gain plus a little space heater, allows me to work quite comfortably.