Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Basement Finishing Begins

We can put it off no longer. The basement is now officially under construction. What you see in the picture is the future bedroom on the far left. Yes, it's full of junk. Next to that, featured in the centre of the photo,where the saw resides, in front of the ping-pong table, will be the bathroom and next is the storage room. Why have a workbench when you can have a ping-pong table? Judging from the amount of "stuff" we have acquired, the poor storage room is going to be taxed before it's even finished. On the right side of the picture (which you can barely see) is the mechanical room aka the furnace room, where the money spent on all the equipment to keep the house warm, dry and carbon monoxide free makes you long for the cold, damp, CO filled homes of old. Oh right...it's only money.

Are We Blind?

The poor blog isn't being neglected so much as we have moved to construction from savings to construction from earnings...much slower pace. After a vacation in Nova Scotia (thank you Ron and Carolyn) and Newfoundland (thank you Ron Jenkins), we came back with renewed resolve and some new ideas for finishing the house. We have to admit that the spirit is not always willing but it seems to keep pace with the earnings.

First, we ordered blinds for the sunroom to cool it down. Then, in a seemingly contradictory move, Jim built a duct, housing a fan, that draws the heat from the ceiling of the sunroom into the cold air return that will allow us to heat the house, more easily, from said room. Split personalities are not responsible for this...no, no... For the most part, we leave the blinds up to allow the sunroom to create as much heat as possible but, occasionally, we like to sit out there. The blinds drop the temperature down so that we can enjoy the space clothed and without personal fans. It should be noted that we have had an inordinately long period of cloudy days since their installation. I should probably question the amount of money spent but, as we learned long ago, it's only money.