Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Long Awaited Shop

With the arrival of Thanksgiving came the backhoe.  Our neighbour, Dave, dug the hole for the shop and he and Jim prepared the footing and then erected the cribbing and supervised the concrete pour.  The shop, like the house, will have a walk out with a 9' ceiling.  The idea is that the basement can be used for mechanical stuff and the main floor will be for woodworking. 

Jim was hoping to, not only, get the basement in but also to get the floor down but 60 cms of snow and bitter cold has indicated that winter is here to stay.  After being forced to build the house during the winter, bad memories flooded back. So, Jim is quite willing to wimp out and wait for spring to continue.  So to stay busy, it's back to the basement!!

Honey...It's Time We Talked About The Basement

Jim started the basement during the summer and has nearly finished the main room.  After installing 27 pot lights and 2 light fixtures, you almost need sunglasses. He still has the ceiling to install in the storage room and then it will be done.  Meanwhile, the bathroom has all the electrical done and Jim is about to crawl around in the crawl space to install the plumbing. Then on to the bedroom.