Friday, May 18, 2012

If Mothers Can Have Anything They Want On Mothers Day...

...I wanted a fence.  So, I was out there with Jim and the post pounder to surround the property with fence posts.  151, 7 foot long, 3 1/4" wooden posts were pounded in to a depth of 4 feet between Saturday May 12 and Sunday May 13 (Mothers Day).  We still have 9 left but they couldn't be put in either because the post pounder couldn't be maneuvered into place or because the shed (which has to be moved) was in the way.

We will spend the summer purchasing and installing the 10 foot rails that connect the posts, a few at a time.  For now, Ma and Pa Farrell are pooped.

I'm So Treed Off!!

The old, cow pasture is pretty bald...devoid of anything taller than a weed.  This is the year for basic surround trees.  Yeppers, the fast growing Brooks #6 Poplar.  We chose the male cultivar so we won't have to deal with all the fluff.  In my over exuberance, I managed to buy 200 plugs...the roots are about 3-4 inches long and the tree is only a small stick.  We only needed 75...oops.  We ended up planting 90 as we thought we might need some replacement trees.  Turned out we were right...those rotten pocket gophers have eaten 2 and one was run over by the truck while we were not with sabres.  Our neighbours gladly pitched in and gave homes to the remaining 110.

Then, just when we were about to drop from all that planting one of our neighbours came over with two white spruce trees as a gift.  They required a little more effort as they are 4 - 5 feet tall but they seem happy in their new home.

It Is Way Past Time For An Update On The Basement

All the electrical has been completed and poor Jim had to install 29 pot lights in the bulk heads of the rec room area, as well as, 2 other overhead lights. 

As the framing is complete and the electrical, aside from the bathroom, is also done, we are at a standstill as the county has to inspect before we can go any farther.  I applied for the development, electrical and plumbing permits 3 weeks ago and we are still waiting for approval.  Until they are approved we can't call for an inspection.  Oh's spring and the yard awaits.