Sunday, June 28, 2009

Busy week

Well, this week was very interesting and busy. We found out that the county didn't think we were far enough along to give an occupancy agreement. That caused us to develop a different plan, so Kathleen took on the formidable task of finding us a travel trailer, on short notice. The star she is, completed the task, with no problem. On Tuesday she drove to Lac La Biche to scope out a 28 foot trailer and Wednesday I drove out with the truck and picked it up.

Got back into town in time to pick up Kathleen as she was busy collecting the toilets from the supplier and headed out for supper with Allan, we were celebrating our 31 st wedding anniversary.

Thursday I was back to the doctor for more medicine as my throat was still slightly sort, so I am back on medication for it, it appears to be working as the throat is getting better.

Thursday afternoon took Kathleen to the airport as she had a trip booked to Winnipeg to see all our dear friends there. I was originally going too but my slow pace on the house caused those plans to change.

My brother David phoned on Thursday and asked if he could come and help me move. I eagerly said yes and he came over on Friday afternoon to help. Ian and Coreen were coming into Edmonton for a wedding and graciously agreed to help with the move also. In exchange for a bed on Friday and Saturday nights. -Deal was made.

So Friday morning I borrowed a friends horse trailer and headed off to Kitchen Craft to pick up our new Kitchen. Had Brock Austin help me off load them as most of the pieces were marked as - two men lift. So that task took until noon then David arrived and we moved some items, then Ian and Coreen arrived and we all went for supper.
So bright and early on Saturday morning we moved most of the large furniture pieces as Ian and Coreen's wedding was in the afternoon. David and I then continued muding the loft and master bedroom.

We completed the move today, as the beds, table and chairs etc were now available to be moved.
Yes, I took advantage of their strong backs while available and moved everything including the computer desk. So I am doing this entry with the keyboard sitting on a picture frame while sitting on a two step stool, as everything else has gone to the house. When Kathleen gets back tomorrow we sort the kitchen as what goes to the travel trailer and what goes to the main house (storage) and then clean floors etc and we are ready to be out of here.

Well I do not know when I will be back up dating the Blog as we have not arranged for internet connection yet. So be patient and we will see you all later.

Jim and Kathleen

Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Update

Well, we worked on the heating system ducting on Wednesday and Thursday.
Still lots more to do!!

Spent Friday working on the stairwell drywall - Done

Had Ken Papley from Papley Water Wells in on Friday PM and the majority of the water system is now installed. I still have to run and hook up all the pipes but the pressure system and chlorination systems are in place.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Stairs Complete

Worked on Monday and completed the stairs required in the garage.

Worked today with fantastic Kathleen and installed most of the drywall on the bottom part of the basement. Tomorrow is finish the drywall in the stairwell, yes I know I said I would be doing dry wall muding, things change.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mid June Update

Last Wednesday I ended up at the doctor looking for medicine to deal with my infected sinus system, sore throat and chest congestion. He prescribed yellow horse pills and I am dutifully taking them. They are working as, by Thursday, I was able to eat again. My throat was so swollen I could only sip fluids and did so with great pain. I am better now, except for coughing, and able to bring you all up to date on the house.

The electrical panel was worked on but is still not complete as I have to change some things around to pass Ian's inspection.

Worked on installing electrical plug-in's into the Styrofoam block basement walls.
A friend of ours, Mark Austin, had his son, Brock, come out Friday morning to give me a hand. We installed the drywall on the upper part of the basement walls. (Twelve foot sheets are just to hard to hold up by yourself and screw in) "Thank you's" to Mark and Brock. I am not able do the bottom until it is electrically inspected, which I plan on calling for on Monday morning.

Had our heating system supplier, Del, out on Friday and received his final instructions on the main house ducting. He will order one of the furnaces right away. Hope to have it installed late next week or early the following week.

Spent a couple days doing drywall mud/taping, so status is - all but the master bedroom, ensuite bath and the loft are first coated. Have completed second coat on 70 percent of the first coat area. Plan is to have the main area (except for excluded areas) totally done, ready for paint by Wednesday. That is two bedrooms, bath two closets and living room, dining room, kitchen and hall to back door. Wish me luck!

Spent today building a temporary front landing and step. (Must have to get occupancy permit)

Next is to do a set for the garage entrance.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Water Ho!!

OK, Let's recap. Way last fall we had a well drilled, at no small expense. Of course, part of the expense was for the witching of the well. I'm not convinced of the surety of this practice but it's certainly an entertaining way of parting you from your money. At the same time, we had a septic system and mound installed. The two systems lay dormant all winter but it's spring now and time to gear up for Kathleen's new toilet. No more porta-potty for this kid...well maybe for just a little while longer. The pump was connected to the electrical panel, the water line was connected to the garden hose and the hose was run outside. The timer on the pump was set to draw a gallon or 2 of water every 30 minutes. It will have to run for a few days to clear the line of any silt and debris as the well is well over 200 feet deep. The first few gallons were allowed to run out onto the ground but the water is clear enough to begin filling the septic tank. How bizarre...we have to fill the septic tank with perfectly good water to ensure the pump will send the overflow to the mound and to pressurize the entire water/sewer system. Early next week we should be the proud owners of a small cistern (water holding tank), chlorination system and reverse osmosis unit. Our water has sufficient salts and minerals to require the RO unit to clean it before use. My, my, who knew that Kathleen's dream of a flush toilet would require so much technology and corresponding cash?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Thursday, Friday and Saturday

On Thursday, while waiting for the drywall order to arrive, 5 hours late, I worked on the heating ducts.

Friday started taping the joints and by end of the day Saturday had 2 bedrooms, one bathroom, one linen closet, hallway, entrance, entrance closet, living room, dinning room, and the kitchen with first coat applied, less the corner bead. Monday I hope to complete boarding the back of the closets backing on the bathrooms, I had left them open to install the shower/tub plumbing.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Ahhh...Spring in the Country

Spring has finally sprung. Although it continues to be dreadfully dry, the leaves, though stunted, are finally showing. Yes, the cow pasture is greening up. We have some unwanted wildlife settling in the house and some much wanted wildlife roaming outside. We have two pairs of pigeons that have decided that the Farrell house makes a lovely home for them, too. The first pair built a nest and laid two eggs. Jim very kindly suggested that they reconsider the location under the eaves between the house and garage. They pooped at the suggestion...the nest was relocated to the wood pile. Undaunted, they have joined their friends under the eaves of the sunroom to create a new nest. Watching all this activity spurred a robin on to start his nest and a bee is seeking out a cosy spot for a hive. EEgads!!!

BUT...we have a fox calling the pasture home and he will do a wonderful job of keeping the gopher population under control. Our regret is that the little digital camera doesn't do justice to him.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More plumbing

Went out yesterday and purchased the copper pipe and other materials to complete the water to the two main floor shower/tubs. Soldered everything together today and installed them. The system will be completed with PEX pipe (plastic) but it is recommended to do the shower/tub valve connections in copper and then transition to plastic below the floor. So, that is what we have done.

This is the tub in the guest bathroom area.

We receive another 80 sheets of drywall tomorrow to complete the basement and garage. So be prepared for more drywall steps to be added to this sad story.

Monday, June 1, 2009

On to the Basement

Completed the last of the drywall on the loft walls on Saturday but forgot to take camera until today.

Kathleen came out and gave me a hand today, and we completed the electrical install in the trench out to the septic tank pump. She sure is a great help.

We completed the day working on the heating ducts, we found out we needed some different ones, and of course I sent Kathleen of to complete my wishes, what a darling she is. I continued as far as I could and then moved over to cutting electrical wiring channels in the styro foam blocks. On the internet they said an electric charcoal barbecue lighter would work well as a hot knife, so we bought one and it did a fine job but sure did stink.