Sunday, September 11, 2011

I Love My Door!

My beautiful, new door...our much needed, beautiful, new door.

The heat in the sunroom can get so intense that we had resorted to hanging a black curtain from a tension rod in the doorway between the sunroom and the kitchen to try and keep the rest of the house livable. Although unsightly, this system worked, relatively, well even if the house was dark and dingy. The new door, however, is amazing in its ability to moderate the temperature transfer between the rooms AND it's pretty, too. Plus, we have light!

Why Is Parking Always Such An Issue?

Originally, we thought we had enough parking to suit our needs. We were wrong. After spending 2 years juggling our vehicles and trailers and visitors vehicles and old tractors and construction equipment, we finally saw the light and dug up more yard and are in the process of expanding the parking/driving area.

Jim acquired some fiberglass cloth which he is putting down before spreading the gravel. Hopefully, this will stop the weeds from growing through and also help retain the gravel keeping it from burying itself in the clay.

We have another triple load of gravel coming this week that should complete this job.

I Have Been Negligent

We have been quite busy with outside work and a little finish up inside work and I have not been keeping up with the blog.

First, "Thanks" to Jim and John Cormack for the August visit. We were at a bit of a lull in the construction...that bothersome "no money, no equipment or materials" thing...but my Jim had built the platform for the washer and drier and John helped muscle them into place. The job wouldn't have gone so smoothly without Jim's (Cormack, that is) supervision, I'm sure.

There is still a little sink to plumb in and the bottom of the platform to finish before the laundry room is complete.