Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Blades On The Fan Go Round And Round

This afternoon, Jim installed the ceiling fan in the sunroom. It is a brushed steel fan from Monte Carlo Fans called the Discus. This week we will trot off to Timberland to see if we can find some trim to finish off the peak of the ceiling on either side of the fan.

Good Grief, Is This Ever Going To End?

The only difference between these pictures, taken two weeks ago, and now is that we have more snow and only half of the driveway is still showing as we are stuck in a winter storm that has been harassing us for over a week. Where has the promised "Big Melt" gone? Why are we still mired in winter? Will this ever leave? This time last year people were already on the golf courses.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Since it's Been a Couple of Months...

I decided it was time to share something, as we really haven't accomplished too much. Of course, we took a quick break and attended a wedding in Costa Rica which has helped us to deal with the brutal winter that Mother Nature has bestowed upon us. I haven't included weather updates this year as all I would be saying is more snow, more wind, more icy temperatures. Suffice it to say, I have been stuck in my own driveway twice and housebound three times as the drifts have been too challenging for the car. We are a little worried that we may have flooding issues in the spring as we have so much snow. This time last year we were all concerned about the ongoing drought but I have a strong feeling that we will be mosquito central this year.

This post I get to talk about my accomplishment and not Jims. I have managed to finish the livingroom drapes (lined, no less). I will confess that I am procrastinating with the diningroom ones but they will be the same as the livingroom and, honest, I'll get down to it next week.

The band of blue in the fabric "swatch" is actually more navy and matches the blue of the sofa while the green is very close to the colour of the walls. The fabric was only $5/meter at Fabricland which made them affordable. I will have enough left over fabric to make a couple of cushions for extra colour.