Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ian and Coreens Wedding

The Wapiti Room at the Bufalo Mountain Lodge in Banff was the venue for Ian and Coreens wedding. March 29 dawned with a new carpet of light, fluffy snow but the sun decided to shine and it had all but disappeared by the 1 PM wedding time. The entire family, such as it is, were all tubbed and scrubbed and turned out in our best duds for the event...yes, even Jim shucked his coveralls. 

Ian, in his new suit, didn't show too many nerves as the final moments before the ceremony ticked away. And Coreen was calm and lovely.
There was an excellent dinner followed by speeches.  Jim, nervous though he was, did a great job. There were exactly the right number of people celebrating this event to make the dance fun.  We knew most of the people, met a few more and had a blast. Hopefully, we will be able to access more pictures when we get to see what the photographer took.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Continuing Saga of the Basement

As Jim acquired cabinetry from a Totem/Rona sale, we did not require a vanity for storage and decided to try out a pedestal sink in the basement bathroom.  This has allowed this very spacious room to feel even bigger.

We installed the same all-in-one type of tub as is in the main bathroom upstairs. Jim took a towel tower (from the same Totem/Rona sale) and built it in before he drywalled. There is tons of storage now.

Finally, our bedroom in the basement which is directly under the sunroom.  At 14'x15', it's huge. After much discussion, we decided not to put a closet in this room as there is plenty of room to add an armoire. Instead, we thought it would be a good room to double as an exercise room...or, lets be honest...storage for the equipment that I dust, occasionally.  Plus, we have a Murphy bed that folds nicely out of the way.

The rooms are nearly done...just waiting for the suspended ceilings to be installed.  These rooms have extra ducting because of the Venmar so the ceilings will be dropped down to 8' from their original 9' to accommodate it.