Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Welcome to 2012

Happy New Year! After a break for silly season, Jim is back at it in the basement. Our mechanical room is becoming a nightmare of equipment. The newest addition is the Vacuflo Hide-a-Hose, built in vacuum system, that has to be installed before the drywall can be started. It has taken several days to get all the piping laid out properly to allow for the hose to suck back into the wall for storage.

To accomplish this, Vacuflo has created a long 90 fitting (2nd picture) that makes a 90 degree turn over about 1 foot. The first picture is the black vacuum unit itself.

The last picture is the extra large outlet that allows access to the hose. Jim has put one outlet on the main floor, as we can reach all areas of the main floor and the loft with the 50 foot retractable hose. In the basement, we have 2 of the original outlets as we have a 30 foot hose that does not retract for that level. Obviously, the salesman realized that I am not the type to devote my life to constant housework and, that the cheaper installation in the basement will be more than sufficient. There is also an outlet in the garage in case Jim decides to vacuum out the vehicles...Yes, Jim...I am even less likely to devote any time to cleaning cars.