Sunday, July 26, 2009

OK, Ninja Boy...

The fight is on! Ninja Jim versus sweet, charming Kathleen...or his bathroom versus mine. I want all to know that I am not squeamish about running between the trailer and the house in my pj's. I don't want to use his bathroom because it's mungy.

He has a bathtub that has never been cleaned out. There's no toilet, sink or even flooring...just grungy , old plywood for a floor with a canvas tarp as a bathmat.

I, on the other hand, have a very convenient bathroom with all the amenities. Yes, Yes, it's tiny and, without proper water conservation practices, you run out of hot water but it's NOT mungy.

Weather report

If you believe the ads, Canada has only 2 seasons...winter and July. It must be July because the canola is in bloom (ah-choo!) and it's +33 C. We remember the -33C very well but at least you can dress for it. You can only get down to skin for the hot weather and it doesn't help much. We have no air conditioning in the trailer, this year. When we no longer need it to live in, it's getting retro-fitted with it. It's just too toasty for these old farts. We continue to be very dry with what little rain falls evapourating almost immediately.

I have been questioned about the tomatoes growing in the house. Yes, it's an experiment but not with grow lights, etc. I am trying to grow tomatoes in the sunroom right through the fall and into winter. If I put them outside, by the end of August they will freeze. Remember that winter and July thing?

Friday, July 24, 2009

Back to updating

Well I imagine everyone wondered where we went to. Fact is we got busy and kept saying we should and then ended up not doing an update.

So here it goes.

New water heater was installed and I am now showering in the house. Kathleen still uses the one in the trailer. I think it has to do more with not wanting to run in her PJ's from the trailer to the house in the morning than anything else.

The gas has been connected to both of the furnaces. No electrical connection has been carried out yet, as we would void our warranty if we actually turned them on during construction.

I have been busy sanding and priming walls and ceilings. Main floor is 75 % done, master bedroom, laundry room and down stairwell is scheduled for tomorrow. That will leave the master bath and one closet still to do. I had help from Brock Austin today; he helped to hold the drywall up to the ceiling so I could screw it into place. I am now able to finish those areas also.

We have also picked up and stored the lino for the kitchen, baths, entrances and stairs in the basement.

The hardwood for the floors is stored in each of the rooms, allowing it time to acclimatize to the area.

We have also ordered the siding from the CO-OP, which should be here soon.

So you can see that Jim has no excuse for not doing anything due to a lack of material.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A sanding we do go!

Started sanding the drywall mudding, completed the two bedrooms, hall and bathroom. No pictures as its all the same thing just dustier.

Hope to have the kitchen, dinning room, living room and front hall done tomorrow ready for primer.

Thursday, I am to pick up the hardwood flooring material and bring it to the house, it may take two trips as there is a lot of floor area.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

We are back!

Hi Everyone
We found the camera and are back to keeping you up to date.

Last week we had the furnace duct work guy out and he did the final tie in of my work to the furnace. He has some shop work to do to finish his work on the basements unit and the hot water heater. We hope he is back soon so we can have hot water in the house, a bigger shower and hot water to do laundry with would be nice.

I worked on more mudding and have the water lines run in the house so that when we get hot water we will be off and running.

Since we have cold water and sewer, we hooked up the washer and dryer - temporarily.

The two tomato plants Kathleen is nurturing seem to be doing well as one is taller than her and has lots of blooms and some tomatoes coming.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

We'd Love to Send Pictures But...

Alas, we have managed to lose the camera in the move from Beaumont to the trailer. We'll continue to search for it but until it's found we'll be pictureless.

Life in the trailer is cramped but, being right on site, we are saving a great deal on gas and time. Jim is trooping along with the mudding and hopes to be able to start priming by the end of next week. In the meantime, a gas fitter has come out to hook up the two furnaces and the coil for the air conditioner. He should be done tomorrow. The water system is all in and, finally, functioning properly. We had a bit of a disaster as the chlorination system kept siphoning into the holding tank and giving us super chlorinated water. As we have the water from the house hooked directly up to the trailer, we were having to use the "pool" water for showering. We were slowly becoming albinos. The dye is now nearly all out of my hair and Jim's silvering mane is very showy, indeed.

On the weather front, the drought may be over. We have had over 20mm of rain in the last 2 days with more to come tonight. Apparently, we need approximately 50 mm to be on the road to recovery so all we can do is wait and hope that the leaden clouds provide the moisture.