Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Shortest Day of the Year

Here it is December 21...the winter solstice... the shortest day of the year. Our sunrise was quite spectacular even though it didn't occur until 8:47 AM and the sun will set again at 4:17 PM. With only 7.5 hours of daylight, no wonder we feel depressed. Our daylight hours will gradually increase until we finally reach, approximately, 17.5 hours at the summer solstice.

Given the diminished daylight, my Roma tomato plant is doing quite well out in the sunroom. We will start a new tomato in late February and hope that the existing one keeps producing until the new one can take over.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Tiling We Will Go, A Tiling We Will Go...

I know it's been awhile since we last updated the blog but honestly, nothing has happened. However, it is time to get busy and finish up all the outstanding jobs, inside, so that, should spring ever return, we'll be ready to turn our attention to the much needed landscaping. A friend reminded us the other day that we don't have a single tree or even a weed large enough to be called a shrub, on our property. He thought we were taking the "bald" prairie a bit too far.

Currently, Jim is working on the tub surround in the ensuite bathroom. We decided to use white, subway tile and in a herringbone pattern. We knew it would be more work than putting it on in a more conventional fashion but, we didn't know HOW MUCH MORE! It is very picky,fiddly work that requires a great deal of tile cutting when you get to the edges but it will be worth it. Jim seems to be unusually happy, lately...could it be because he doesn't turn on the vent fan while using all that glue?