Friday, December 19, 2008

Sun dogs and Smoke Signals

December 19, 2008's another chilly one in the cow pasture. This morning started out at -30 but rocketed up to -28 by the afternoon. The ice fog created some amazing sun dogs and some very slippery highways. The locals love to practice ice dancing with their cars and lots of them were entering the ditches at very artistic angles. The farmer in the pasture next to us finally took pity on his cows and moved them. I am sure he has taken them off to the sunny south for a Christmas vacation. That or the feed lot next door. As the wind chill made working on the main floor uncomfortable, we worked in the basement. Jim had to drill into the concrete and set in anchor bolts to hold the basement floor trusses, securely. I continued with my snow removal and when I tired of that, I moved over and chipped ice off of the beams in preparation for truss placement. After I left to return the rented hammer drill, Jim and Rob finished the snow removal and began spreading the sand that is only part of the preparation of the ground that's underneath the wooden basement floor. We still have insulation, poly and washed rock to put down before the floor can go on permanently.

Telus assures us that we will have a phone line in the next 18 months to 2 years. We've fooled them...we're sending smoke signals!


  1. Talk about perseverance!
    I hate to ask, but how are you getting the snow out of the basement?
    Love the picture of the sun dogs!

  2. We have a walkout basement and, on the outside, the door is at ground level. Unfortunately, until we get the raised wooden floor in place, the ground on the inside of the basement is about 4 feet lower than the door. To remove snow, I shoveled the snow into the wheel barrow and wheeled it over to the door and threw the snow up and through the door to outside. The snow is quite light and I filled the wheel barrow to overflowing and had no trouble moving it around. I wasn't paying attention when I switched to moving the sand around and filled the barrow to the same level. I couldn't even pick it up. I had to remove almost half of the first load before I could stagger off with it.