Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pretty Snappy Looking Garage

Jim has been working a little each day to get the garage mudded and ready for painting. Yesterday, he managed to get the priming done so all we need now is a paint sale for the finish coat. Nothing fancy…just white. After that, he’ll trim the windows and another thing is done.

In his spare time, Jim has been helping one of our new neighbours, across the street, crib his basement. The concrete will be poured next Tuesday (weather permitting) and then the concrete forms will be available to move over to Farrell’s so that the cribbing can begin on the shop. “Shop”, you say. “What is this about a shop?” Yes, we are going to add a back walk-out shop approximately where the shed is now and that also takes advantage of our hill to create a walk out for an under-the-shop garage.

This project just seems to grow and grow.

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