Tuesday, June 21, 2016

So...You Know How We Were Suffering Through a Drought...

...well it started raining and has had a hard time trying to figure out how to stop.  This has Jim running between working on his tan doing yard work and keeping dry finishing the interior of the shop. Obviously from the picture, he finished the mudding and priming and now has the painting done.  The upper cupboards have been installed and now some major consideration has to be given to arranging the work benches, etc. BUT, luckily the sun has decided to shine so it's back outside to the yard.
 There is a significant drop off between the septic tanks and the house down into the back yard. In order to continue landscaping, 16" cement rings (complete with black, rubber gaskets) had to be added to the existing tanks to raise them up sufficiently to add enough soil around them to make the slope a little gentler.
By the way, the eaves trough on the shop has been installed. The rain has put the lines, that connect the eaves trough from the house to the pond, to the test and they have passed with flying colours and the pond is nearly full.

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