Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bob and the sticky membrane

On November 16, Bob and Jim continued to take down bracing and the next day, rented a cube van to take all the bracing and turn buckles back to IC Forming (the company that supplied the materials for the basement). On the 18th all three of us began putting the vapour barrier over the blocks. This process was hampered by a couple of cold, windy days. The membrane was quite sticky and adhered to the walls well in the warmer temperatures but refused to stick in the cold. We bought a small propane heater to pre-heat the areas we were working on and that helped but mother nature kicked in towards the end of the week and provided lovely warm days to finish off.
After Bob had left for home, the insurance adjuster called and authorized us to rent a replacement vehicle for at least part of the 3 weeks that we would be without the much-loved Ford.

The replacement GM is a much more basic unit but gets the job done.

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  1. I feel a strong need to mention what it was like working in "the pit". The close quarters and towering mounds of earth left me feeling a bit uneasy, but not as much as watching Jim lying down on a 2 X 8 catwalk to get the tops of the vapour barrier sheets to stick to the foam blocks (no room for a ladder). No way would I do that! Anyway, congrats on making all of the progress you have since I left.