Thursday, November 27, 2008

Homage to Allan and bracing

OK...OK...I forgot to take a picture of Allan when he came out to help put up blocks but I managed to take this very artistic photo of his gloves. Better luck next time. Thank heavens both of our boys are composed of a little bit of mountain goat as the scaffolding and bracing made it difficult to construct. The walls ended up being 13 feet high in some places to accommodate our raised basement floor and 9 foot basement ceilings.

The braces were screwed to the blocks and turnbuckles were attached to them to provide support for the concrete and ensure a straight wall. Scaffolding was then placed at the top of the turnbuckles so that the wall could be built higher.

Jim's happy as he has managed to get the window and patio door bucks in place. This is on the back (south-facing) of the house where we will have a walk out basement.

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