Sunday, April 12, 2009

As we step along

Had the plumbing inspector out this week and with a couple of minor changes, which were carried out - we are now good to go. Plumbing rough in - Done!

So it was then on to the next step which was installing heating pipes from the loft to the basement through the trusses and walls. Heating rough in - Done!

Fortunately for me, Kathleen's brother Bob has come up to help us for couple of weeks and did the vapour barrier prep work, which was installing the picky little pieces of plastic required to connect the loft floor to the main floor ceiling. Prep work Done!
Bob's new title is the "goop master" as he was the one having to deal with the black acoustic chauk aka"black death" as the rest of us know it. But he did have me worried when he first snapped on those rubber surgical gloves and came after me. But I new I was safe as I was covered in ABS pipe glue and threatened to glue him to a pipe.

We then moved on to framing and setting in the bath tubs. - Done
Last week there was a clearance sale on insulation at Home Depot so I bought some of the product that we will require. Any idea what is next on the list - yes you are right, insulating we will go!

We took Easter Saturday off and went to visit with Brother David and family in Calgary, niece Laura-Lee was home from Minneapolis, had a good visit with everyone, yes ate well too. It was great to see them all again. We picked up my sister Brenda who was there from Regina visiting and brought her back to the pasture to pass judgment on the work so far -
Family Judgment - Done!

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