Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Plumbing Away and Away and Away

I stalled for a few days with the plumbing, worked on some final details on the stairwell to the basement and furring in the dormers instead. So everyone knows, the roof truss people designed the house layout so that I would have to add 1 inch strips to the roof truss (Beams) to match the wall thickness of the dormers, not that I don't have enough to do.

Had a young man out today ( journeyman plumber) to help me get on track again with the plumbing, so look out now. One bathroom down, two to go...Oh ya, and the kitchen and the laundry room. Why is it that we can't have an outhouse and haul water from the well like in the good, old days? Aside from the fact that Kathleen would hurt me, that is.


  1. I tried pulling that running water crap on Ellie. She did not buy the concept of running to the lake with a pail and beat the laundry on the rock by the lake. Whats up with the ladies these days. OOOH that should pull a few comments. Good thing she does not see the comment parts of this blog.
    Looks good Jim. All I can do is wish I was there helping.

  2. Good idea to ease your way out of that outhouse and water hauling bit. Kathleen would definitely not be amused.

    Just loading up the car with tools and getting ready to head your way tomorrow.

    Looking forward to seeing you both.