Friday, July 24, 2009

Back to updating

Well I imagine everyone wondered where we went to. Fact is we got busy and kept saying we should and then ended up not doing an update.

So here it goes.

New water heater was installed and I am now showering in the house. Kathleen still uses the one in the trailer. I think it has to do more with not wanting to run in her PJ's from the trailer to the house in the morning than anything else.

The gas has been connected to both of the furnaces. No electrical connection has been carried out yet, as we would void our warranty if we actually turned them on during construction.

I have been busy sanding and priming walls and ceilings. Main floor is 75 % done, master bedroom, laundry room and down stairwell is scheduled for tomorrow. That will leave the master bath and one closet still to do. I had help from Brock Austin today; he helped to hold the drywall up to the ceiling so I could screw it into place. I am now able to finish those areas also.

We have also picked up and stored the lino for the kitchen, baths, entrances and stairs in the basement.

The hardwood for the floors is stored in each of the rooms, allowing it time to acclimatize to the area.

We have also ordered the siding from the CO-OP, which should be here soon.

So you can see that Jim has no excuse for not doing anything due to a lack of material.

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