Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weather report

If you believe the ads, Canada has only 2 seasons...winter and July. It must be July because the canola is in bloom (ah-choo!) and it's +33 C. We remember the -33C very well but at least you can dress for it. You can only get down to skin for the hot weather and it doesn't help much. We have no air conditioning in the trailer, this year. When we no longer need it to live in, it's getting retro-fitted with it. It's just too toasty for these old farts. We continue to be very dry with what little rain falls evapourating almost immediately.

I have been questioned about the tomatoes growing in the house. Yes, it's an experiment but not with grow lights, etc. I am trying to grow tomatoes in the sunroom right through the fall and into winter. If I put them outside, by the end of August they will freeze. Remember that winter and July thing?

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