Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wire, Wire Everywhere

Saturday March 7

Ian, Allan, Coreen, Tyler and Jim all braved the snow storm and cold to start wiring the house. Ian was the foreman and all the rest were his eager, little workers. By the end of the day they had nearly half the main floor wired. Ian, Jim, Coreen and I returned on Sunday and, as it was bitterly cold again and extremely windy, Coreen and I only stayed for about 1 hour. In that little bit of time our tire tracks were completely blown in and the snow drifts across the road were becoming a tad daunting. Jim and Ian stayed about 2 hours longer and then fled. By the next day one of the drifts across the subdivision road was about 4 feet high and I imagine it gave the grader driver a bit of a test.

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