Thursday, March 26, 2009

We are a planning!!

Kathleen has started working and therefore has limited time to keep the blog up to date. So bear with me __Jim

We have passed the rough in inspection on the main floor and loft house wiring. I will get back to doing the electrical in the garage and basement at a later time. I am now working on installing the plumbing rough in into the two main floor bathrooms. Lots of head scratching going on, and studying on the internet.
When the plumbing stalls me, I turn to furring in the dormers, and preparing them for insulation installtion.
We have placed the order for the kitchen cupboards the room should look like this image when we are done.


  1. Lookin' Good! I see Murphy's Law is still in full force...Furnace installation after winter is over- naturally!

    See you in a week.

  2. Plumbing is easy because you only need to know three things. Crap flows down hill, pay day on fridays and the most important. never ever lick your fingers.

  3. Kathy here: I admire you Jim. I don't know how Kathleen had the energy to take pictures, download them and then write the journal, and now you are doing it on your own. I am sure we will be hearing from Kathleen, though. Keep up the amazing work.