Thursday, March 5, 2009

Help Jim or Get Food

Tuesday, March 3

We have a front door! Now we lock both doors even though the sun room wall is still open to the breezes. Jim spent today putting up the last interior wall (the wall that divides the kitchen from the sun room) and working on the stairs from the main floor to the basement. He wasn't going to install the front door but the wind was quite strong and the stairwell he's working on is just inside the door. To prevent any more unnecessary hardship, he decided to drag the door around from the basement all by himself and install it. I wasn't there to help as it was 10% discount day at the grocery store...I have my priorities, you know. I came at lunch and helped raise the kitchen wall and cart a whole bunch of wood from the snow at the front of the house down to the basement to preserve it from the elements.

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