Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Holy Sheet!

Tuesday, February 10

Jim is playing King of the Castle and, as I was down on the ground, I must be the dirty rascal. Actually, judging from my muddy clothes that description isn't far off. As you can see, approximately 3/4 of the back roof is sheeted and, at the front, the valley between the front bedroom and veranda is done and the veranda is sheeted. The second picture today is a rare view of the west wall. There again, the wall is in place and ready for sheeting. We're seriously hoping that one of the zoom-booms operating at the end of the street can be talked into lifting the plywood up for the west and east end and the rake wall. If not, I have noticed some new scaffolding that has not only shown up on site but also on the credit card bill. Hmmm...Jim has been shopping.

1 comment:

  1. I am just so impressed with how much progress you've made. Great job!

    I'm sure you're really enjoying having your electrical hooked up. I'm also glad you've been having some decent weather.

    I look forward to seeing your place "in the flesh" soon.