Tuesday, February 17, 2009

One Down and One To Go

Tuesday, February 17

We have a dormer! One down, one to go. It started out at -27C this morning but managed to drag it's way up to -9C by the afternoon and, with no wind, made it quite pleasant to work outside. The east side gable wall was put in place and was sheeted by later in the day. Now comes the interesting part of tying the main roof to the garage roof to the veranda roof. Hmmm.....that will take a little thought


  1. It is looking beeeeuutiful. Just wish I could be there. Just think the hard part will be coming up soon. Although I think Jim thinks this was the hard part. The hard part will be finishing your lovely project. 2.5 years for mine and still not done. cold outside here. -30. think I'll kick back by the fireplace and sip some coffee. maybe thats my problem.

  2. It should take you 2.5 years to finish your Taj Mahal. When it's done it will be amazing. We're interested to see what your landscaping looks like.