Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Problem, As I See It, Is That I Can't See It

Wednesday February 25

In the picture, along with the house, you see the paved subdivision road, our paved approach road and our gravel road. You also see the ditches and fields. The problem is, which is which? Although it is certainly nasty to build in the bitter cold and nearly impossible to deal with the wind, our mightiest nemesis is snow. The weather broadcasters love to refer to our last couple of days as a "snow event". We only managed to get 12 cm of snow, but it puts the guess work back into driving...never a good thing. Jim tried to get to the house yesterday while it was still snowing and he almost made it...luckily it didn't take the tow truck long to get there and haul the truck out of the ditch. We waited until the snow stopped today and tried again. Success!! We have now created a track all the way up to the house and I even managed to identify an extra parking spot. We shoveled snow out of the house and are all ready for work to resume when the wind dies down. We really need the roof sheathing finished before Monday and another predicted "snow event".

Meanwhile, back on Monday, Jim, James and Rob managed to get almost all of the windows installed. The doors and the windows in the basement and garage still have to go in and I have to re-order one, that turned out to be the wrong size, for the dining room. Still, it's very nice to have the argon gas filled windows in place. Not only does it brighten the old hacienda up, I'm told they make the house warmer. Ha, Ha, Ha...a little Canadian Winter Humour...very little.


  1. Looking absolutly beeeuatiful. Ellie and I have been driving in snow, Except for 1 week, Since October. You got to love it. But think soon snow gone and that lovely smell of money drifting over your fence.. Moooooo!