Saturday, February 28, 2009

Believe It Or Not, We Locked The Back Door

Saturday, February 28

The last day of Feb and the wind remains nasty and it has only managed to creep up to -13C so no roof work today. However, the last of the windows have been installed, as well as, the garden door off the basement. Jim installed the door lock set on the garden door and we dutifully locked it before we left. "Why?" You ask as you realize that there are no other doors installed in the house and the sun room wall is missing. Because we can.


  1. "YES WE CAN".
    Hope you hid a key inside.

    The house looks great!


  2. Did Jim carry you across the threshold yet?

  3. OK,'ve seen how heavy I am...poor skinny Jim would be flattened under my weight. The question is, "Have I carried him across the threshold?" As his legs aren't broken, he can carry himself across.