Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mid June Update

Last Wednesday I ended up at the doctor looking for medicine to deal with my infected sinus system, sore throat and chest congestion. He prescribed yellow horse pills and I am dutifully taking them. They are working as, by Thursday, I was able to eat again. My throat was so swollen I could only sip fluids and did so with great pain. I am better now, except for coughing, and able to bring you all up to date on the house.

The electrical panel was worked on but is still not complete as I have to change some things around to pass Ian's inspection.

Worked on installing electrical plug-in's into the Styrofoam block basement walls.
A friend of ours, Mark Austin, had his son, Brock, come out Friday morning to give me a hand. We installed the drywall on the upper part of the basement walls. (Twelve foot sheets are just to hard to hold up by yourself and screw in) "Thank you's" to Mark and Brock. I am not able do the bottom until it is electrically inspected, which I plan on calling for on Monday morning.

Had our heating system supplier, Del, out on Friday and received his final instructions on the main house ducting. He will order one of the furnaces right away. Hope to have it installed late next week or early the following week.

Spent a couple days doing drywall mud/taping, so status is - all but the master bedroom, ensuite bath and the loft are first coated. Have completed second coat on 70 percent of the first coat area. Plan is to have the main area (except for excluded areas) totally done, ready for paint by Wednesday. That is two bedrooms, bath two closets and living room, dining room, kitchen and hall to back door. Wish me luck!

Spent today building a temporary front landing and step. (Must have to get occupancy permit)

Next is to do a set for the garage entrance.

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