Friday, June 5, 2009

Ahhh...Spring in the Country

Spring has finally sprung. Although it continues to be dreadfully dry, the leaves, though stunted, are finally showing. Yes, the cow pasture is greening up. We have some unwanted wildlife settling in the house and some much wanted wildlife roaming outside. We have two pairs of pigeons that have decided that the Farrell house makes a lovely home for them, too. The first pair built a nest and laid two eggs. Jim very kindly suggested that they reconsider the location under the eaves between the house and garage. They pooped at the suggestion...the nest was relocated to the wood pile. Undaunted, they have joined their friends under the eaves of the sunroom to create a new nest. Watching all this activity spurred a robin on to start his nest and a bee is seeking out a cosy spot for a hive. EEgads!!!

BUT...we have a fox calling the pasture home and he will do a wonderful job of keeping the gopher population under control. Our regret is that the little digital camera doesn't do justice to him.

1 comment:

  1. The guest tub looks like it will do...

    Enjoyed hearing about the birds and the bees. We just bought two fake wasp nests to deter the real wasps from settling in.