Sunday, June 28, 2009

Busy week

Well, this week was very interesting and busy. We found out that the county didn't think we were far enough along to give an occupancy agreement. That caused us to develop a different plan, so Kathleen took on the formidable task of finding us a travel trailer, on short notice. The star she is, completed the task, with no problem. On Tuesday she drove to Lac La Biche to scope out a 28 foot trailer and Wednesday I drove out with the truck and picked it up.

Got back into town in time to pick up Kathleen as she was busy collecting the toilets from the supplier and headed out for supper with Allan, we were celebrating our 31 st wedding anniversary.

Thursday I was back to the doctor for more medicine as my throat was still slightly sort, so I am back on medication for it, it appears to be working as the throat is getting better.

Thursday afternoon took Kathleen to the airport as she had a trip booked to Winnipeg to see all our dear friends there. I was originally going too but my slow pace on the house caused those plans to change.

My brother David phoned on Thursday and asked if he could come and help me move. I eagerly said yes and he came over on Friday afternoon to help. Ian and Coreen were coming into Edmonton for a wedding and graciously agreed to help with the move also. In exchange for a bed on Friday and Saturday nights. -Deal was made.

So Friday morning I borrowed a friends horse trailer and headed off to Kitchen Craft to pick up our new Kitchen. Had Brock Austin help me off load them as most of the pieces were marked as - two men lift. So that task took until noon then David arrived and we moved some items, then Ian and Coreen arrived and we all went for supper.
So bright and early on Saturday morning we moved most of the large furniture pieces as Ian and Coreen's wedding was in the afternoon. David and I then continued muding the loft and master bedroom.

We completed the move today, as the beds, table and chairs etc were now available to be moved.
Yes, I took advantage of their strong backs while available and moved everything including the computer desk. So I am doing this entry with the keyboard sitting on a picture frame while sitting on a two step stool, as everything else has gone to the house. When Kathleen gets back tomorrow we sort the kitchen as what goes to the travel trailer and what goes to the main house (storage) and then clean floors etc and we are ready to be out of here.

Well I do not know when I will be back up dating the Blog as we have not arranged for internet connection yet. So be patient and we will see you all later.

Jim and Kathleen

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