Thursday, January 29, 2009

Our Brave Little Amigo's

Saturday, January24

I have been very negligent in posting to the blog, lately...I apologize. We have had some severe weather that prevented work in the cow pasture for several days...brutal cold and/or ferocious wind. However,the 3 Amigos Tyler, Ian and Coreen braved the frigid temperatures on Saturday to do all the electrician stuff to the house so that, as soon as the Battle River REA (our power provider) is ready, we can be hooked up to electricity. Tyler is a friend of Ian's who is also a journeyman electrician and graciously offered to help with the electrical in the house. As you can see we have a panel in the basement and all the accoutrement on the outside for the meter to be installed. Plus, they spliced extra power cable at the pole and ran it, in some conduit, part way up.

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