Monday, January 19, 2009

Jim Has Gas!

Monday, January 19

Boy, there was lots of activity on site today. It was a balmy +9 and AltaGas was out trenching in natural gas. The gentleman operating the little backhoe was very kind and dug out a small hole for me (by the power pole as Ian needs to connect the power cable underground next to the pole) while he was working in our yard. They have brought the gas pipe right up beside the basement and the furnace will be placed not far away. The contractor who did all of our dirt work was back with his skid steer to fill in the garage floor. It was excavated a little too generously ...oops.

The boys continued working on the roof and, alas, they discovered yet another problem with the trusses. Leduc Truss has built all of our trusses (floors and roof) and, although they came highly recommended, have certainly been less than sterling in both product and support. Anyway, this time, all five of the half trusses are the wrong size and have to be rebuilt. The measurements they sent along were also wrong and, so, tomorrow the boys have to move some, already installed, beams over. (Heavy Sigh)


  1. I've always known Jim has gas......erp! But, is he electrified yet? Or, is he still just a generator?

  2. His personality should "light up" within the next 2 weeks.