Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Abuse and Battery

Wednesday, January 21

This is the last of our glorious weather days. Back to the old, January grind tomorrow with cold, wind and snow. At least we had a nice break. As you can see, the main roof trusses are all in place leaving the smaller ones that go over the bedroom, garage, sun room and dormers. If you're very clever, you can just make out my new sewing room which is the cavity formed in the centre of the roof trusses.This roof has taken it's toll as we lost Rob yesterday and James today. Something about being worn out...backs done in...minor stuff...only worth one day off for each of them. We're not so sure the roof is to blame as they all went snowmobiling for 5 hours a few days ago. Jim has been at his inventive best by rigging up a winch that pulls the trusses up onto the walls saving the sore backs from getting worse but putting untold stress on the truck battery. It hasn't learned to complain, yet and days off are not in its contract.

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  1. Hi Guys,
    I am very impressed by your progress and sense of Haha to date. Keep going, I am enjoying your posts. Hope to get out to see the place soonest as possible. All is well here in the NS, the winter has been miserable since December.... Oh well, such is life. Take care.