Saturday, January 31, 2009

Toto, Are We in Kansas, Yet?

Saturday, January 31

Friday saw our happy, little crew putting up the trusses over the sun room and starting to sheet the garage walls. At +6, the cow pasture had gone from skating rink to mud pit. I bet you think I was just out enjoying the weather but, alas, I was digging a trench to take the ground wire for the electricity. Thus, I am intimately aware of the mud as is the washing machine.

Saturday ended up being only a half day of work as Jim and James (imagine our confusion some days) were nearly blown out of the house by the winds that were gusting between 50 and 90 kph. They were valiantly trying to get the floor down in the loft area and managed to finish about a third of it before they nearly took flight. Although the warm weather is lovely, the price we pay for it is the wind. Jim and James are both skinny, little dudes and the "Prairie Breeze" just has to catch their clothing to send them parasailing.

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