Saturday, January 3, 2009

Help! Mother Nature. Help!

Tuesday December 30 saw Allan joining us again to help get more walls built. They (the walls, not Allan) are all resting on the floor deck awaiting decent weather so that they can be sheeted before lifting into place. New Year's Eve day was too cold and windy to sheet so Rob and Jim worked at getting all the floor joists installed in the basement. We took New Years day off. This shouldn't be news worthy but getting Jim to shut down for some much needed rest isn't always easy. January 2 was very cold and windy with the wind chill at -41C. Rob and Jim, again, escaped to the basement...out of the start putting the plywood down. Pictured is the basement bedroom. When you come to visit, I promise that the plywood window covering will be replaced by something a little more stylish...a window and curtains, maybe? Today is January 3 and work was called off due to hell having frozen over. It was -41.9C at the airport this morning before wind chill. We're only 15 km due east of there and by 9AM the thermometer read a balmy -40C. I know...I know...we're such wimps...true prairie people would have laughed it off and gone to work in shirt sleeves as an act of rebellion against mother nature. Better luck tomorrow.


  1. -40? And to think you lived in Manitoba for a few years. Just remember the old song. Fight on Manitoba for spring is only 6 months away!!!
    Then it is MUD MUD MUD and mosiquetos everwhere.
    make -40 not so bad.

    Keep fighting on. I'm trying to get sometime to come there and help you.

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